Express Mulcher

    A different kind of blower truck built by Express Blower, Inc.   With

Express Mulcher



A different kind of blower truck built by Express Blower, Inc.


With the option of a 40 or 50 cubic yard polished aluminum box*, the Express Mulcher™ is designed to haul and spread large quantities of processed mulches, wood chips, and lightweight compost – blowing up to 60 cubic yards an hour!*


Hallco LIVE FLOOR® that feeds material forward towards the cab and reverses for bulk offloading. Box area includes a remote load camera.





Hydraulic Hose Reel that holds 300′ of 4-inch blower hose. Plus, it is 4-inch and 5-inch hose compatible and comes standard with 4-inch Express Blower® proprietary hose.



Enclosed Blower System Compartment with convenient removable doors







  • Covered by standard 12 month Express Blower® warranty
  • Factory direct aftermarket parts and technical service provided
  • Factory direct training
  • Dedicated engineering and production team
  • All of this from the company, Express Blower, Inc., that’s “been there, done that” and will continue to be here to support you and your equipment

 Add Another Tool to the Toolbox!

The Express Mulcher™ makes a great entry-level machine for those doing landscape mulching, playgrounds, animal bedding or other applications that require the use of lightweight materials. It’s not for aggregates or heavier soil blends, but it would make a great addition to an already existing blower truck business.


  • Express Mulcher SD: 40 Cubic Yards Level Load Capacity*
  • Express Mulcher EX: 50 Cubic Yards Level Load Capacity*
  • Danfoss Computerized Control System
  • 1150 CFM @ 16 PSI Blower System
  • 90 Gallon (340 Liter) Fuel Tank
  • 100 Gallon (378 Liter) Hydraulic Tank
  • 98-Inches (2.48 Meters) Wide
  • 31,200 Pounds  (14,152 Kilograms) Empty Weight for SD Model*


Equipped With:

Polished Aluminum BoxRemote Radio ControlAluminum Storage Box
Serrated Cross-Feed AugerHallco LIVE FLOOR®Roll-Rite Mesh Tarp
Proportional Hydraulic SystemProgrammable DisplaySeries 3 Feeder
Hydraulic Tailgate4" & 5" Blower Hose CapableHydraulic Hose Reel
E-Stop ButtonsRemote Load CameraHigh Oil Temp Shutdown
Low Oil Level ShutdownOn-Site Training300' of 4" Blower Hose


Call and talk to us, so we can spec the machine that’s right for you. We’ll send you a quote. Simply sign it, and then submit a 10% deposit. That’s it. No progress payments. No excessive delays. No worries. Plus, it is backed by our Express Blower® warranty, and our knowledgeable customer support team is here for parts and technical assistance after the sale.

Call us today to see if the Express Mulcher™ is right for your business. 



**Actual carrying capacity is variable and depends on cubic yard weight of materials; truck/trailer axle configurations; and Federal, State, Local truck/trailer weight limit regulations and laws. Owners and operators are responsible for loading and operating vehicle in compliance with Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations. Express Blower machines are designed for maximum performance and output. Performance may vary depending on type and quality of material used, operator proficiency, and job site requirements and specifications. Due to the size and weight of an Express Mulcher, a Class B Commercial Driver’s License is federally required to drive the unit.

You don’t need more people … you need more machine!

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