Express Blower equipment makes it easier for you to expand your business and capitalize on high profit specialty applications like erosion control blankets and berms, rooftop garden installations, Terraseeding, aggregate placement, and playground safety surface installation.

More Than Mulch!

Initially manufactured and promoted as a “mulch” or “bark” blower, the Express Blower® quickly became much more. Through extensive research and practical experience, we were soon able to engineer a machine where a wide variety of materials could be efficiently applied, such as composts, soil blends, and certain aggregates. These designs immediately opened up new markets for our clients, and spurred us to keep developing and improving our equipment and the markets you serve.

Seeding Is Believing

With the advent of our patented Supplemental Injection System, a whole new world of possibilities opened up. With this calibrated seed (or granular) injection system, Terraseeding® was born. Now, a lawn could usually be completely installed in less than two hours! Tired, unhealthy turf could be topdressed with compost and seed, adding new life and creating a healthier growing environment. All done in one easy step.

With EB, Erosion is Under Control

Some applications became more prominent and accepted through the result of government regulations and/or incentives. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the erosion control industry. The NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) requires the implementation of controls designed to prevent harmful pollutants from being washed by stormwater runoff into local water bodies. One of these widely accepted controls is the erosion control blanket. Our machines' ability to blow heavy materials and seed simultaneously at great distances has become a huge advantage for erosion control blanket installations.

Green Roof Organic Materials Installation

Those of us at Express Blower are always looking for new ways in which to use the equipment. When we saw rooftop gardens (or green roofs) becoming more accepted and even incentivized by government agencies, we immediately looked at how we could become part of this new industry. Several years later, and with the development of even more powerful equipment, EB is a major player in many green roof projects and our equipment has placed material more than 30 stories high.

With numerous marketable applications, it is clear that the most difficult job you will have is deciding how fast you will need your next truck.


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