Aggregate Power

Versatility is our specialty. While all Express Blower models are capable of spreading aggregates and heavy or abrasive materials, the MD and HD option on our TM or truck mount models and the SKHD model bring that capability to another level.

At 160 feet and using our standard EB blower hose, the HD has been tested to blow 3/4-inch round rock over 48 tons per hour. Change the blower hose to hard pipe, and that number goes up to over 93 tons per hour.

HD Table

  • Round Rock
  • Crushed Rock
  • Cinder Rock
  • Sand
  • Pea Gravel
  • Pumice
  • Soil Blends
  • Compost

Perfect for labor intensive, hard-to-access jobs, such as:

  • Pneumatic backfill in conjunction with hydro-excavation projects
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Green Roofs (recorded at more than 30 stories)
  • Behind Retaining Walls
  • Backfilling Basements and Under Homes
  • Indoor Gardens & Atria
  • Lakeside Beach Replacement

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“Using a 60-yard Express Blower™ unit with 200 ft. of hose, they [Mulchmaster Plus] blew six inches of three-quarter inch smooth gravel for drainage (100 tons total) and four feet of soil mix (800 cu. yds.) into the planting chambers….This took almost 4 days…”
Landscape Management Magazine, September 2002, “Ground Zero Green Again” article about the restoration of the Winter Garden that was damaged in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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