EB Models

EB-60 : The Original

The standard by which all other Express Blower models are based, the EB-60 is has exceptional versatility and productivity with unrivaled payload capacity that minimizes reloading and drive time. Its size readily services hard-to-reach residential sites, while its capacity makes it perfect for larger commercial jobs. The EB-60 hauls and spreads all the material needed without causing unnecessary congestion and clean-up.

From wood chips to mulches to some aggregates, this model can do it all.

The EB-60 is a fully integrated unit and comes standard on a Class 8 chassis.

Level Load Volume: 57.50 Cubic Yards
Controls: STW Control System
Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 Gallon
Weight (with chassis): 36,300 lbs.
Blower System: 1200 CFM @ 15 PSI
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 60 Gallons



Due to its smaller size and lighter weight, the EB-45 is more economical to operate than larger models, yet still has ample payload to efficiently handle many different projects. As a mid-size model, it is also very maneuverable and is perfect for quickly spreading less dense organic materials.

Level Load Volume: 41.38 Cubic Yards
Controls: STW Control System
Fuel Tank Capacity: 80 Gal.
Weight (with chassis): 34,000 Lbs.
Blower System: 1200 CFM @ 15 PSI
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 60 Gal.


At just over 100 cubic yards level load capacity, the Express Blower model EB-110 can help minimize reload and drive times, making your business more productive and efficient. Due to the length of the trailer, this is the only EB currently in production with a flap floor. Load up this tractor trailer with playground chips, mulch or compost – watch your legal weights! – and head out to start putting down the product!

Level Load Volume: 105.30 Cubic Yards
Controls: STW Control System
Tractor: Ask for details.
Weight: 24,600 Lbs. (no tractor)
Blower System: 1200 CFM @ 15 PSI
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 85 Gal.

EB-110 Turboscape

>The actual carrying capacity is variable and depends on cubic yard weight of materials; truck/trailer axle configurations; and Federal, State, Local truck/trailer weight limit regulations and laws. Owners and operators are responsible for loading and operating vehicle in compliance with Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations. Express Blower machines are designed for maximum performance and output. Performance may vary depending on type and quality of material used, operator proficiency, and job site requirements and specifications.<

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