Unique Machine Features

Express Blower Feeder with Solid Belt Floor

Feed System

Years of experience and engineering ingenuity have given EB machines the best feeding system for the widest variety of materials. The solid belt reversible floor helps eliminate material waste; the wider feeder with dual knives cuts through the toughest material; and our single and dual horizontal load levelers ensure smooth feeding.*

The solid belt reversible floor is easier to maintain and can handle everything from mulches to aggregates. It also effectively discharges all material. No sweeping required! Repair or replacement is also cost effective and manageable.

EB machines come standard with a Series 6 feeder as it is the preferred option for the majority of material applications. However, we offer two other styles that may be better for you - call one of our sales specialists to walk through which would be best for your application.

The most recent advancement to the feed system has been in production for several years now and has proven to be a true upgrade. The addition of the dual horizontal load levelers to our EB-60 and larger models helps keep material moving smoothly to the feeder.

The combination of these elements has made for a material feeding system that is unsurpassed in reliability, consistency, productivity and is standard on all new Express Blower machines*.

EB Blower Hose & Hose Storage

All Express Blower machines are 4-inch and 5-inch blower hose capable and each EB machine comes with our exclusive 4-inch or 5-inch blower hose. This proprietary formula cannot be found elsewhere and was specifically designed for use with a wide variety of materials and is usable with either male/female hose ends or thread style ends.

Our unique hose storage configuration also provides a neat and professional appearance for your business, with the added benefit of letting your workers pull only the amount of hose needed for a specific job. Only need to go 20 feet? Pull a single hose. Need to go 200 feet? No worries.

Four-inch blower hose is standard on all machines except for the HD or heavy duty models. HD models come standard with 5-inch blower hose.*

Hose Storage Table
Hose Storage Tubes

The EB Control System

The EB control systems are user friendly and easy to learn and understand. They can be operated in either local mode (at the receiver on the machine) or in radio mode (through the remote belt transmitter), giving your operators more flexibility in how they manage jobs. Also, the screens are not distorted by the sun, so they are easy to read in the brightest of lights.

Our systems let material volume be quickly turned up for blasting wide open areas or turned down for blowing in mulch around delicate flowers. It also smoothly applies the material, making for an even, professionally finished appearance.

Computer Display + Remote
250 Gallon Water System

New, Larger Water System

We have recently upgraded our optional water system to a feature you will have to have. Instead of a 100 gallon water tank attached to the chassis frame, we are now offering a 250 gallon solution with no tank on the frame. It is a low profile tank within the box - and did we say 250 gallons?! It is simple to fill and has easy-to-read gauges to monitor water level.

Supplemental Injection System

This patented Express Blower process created a whole new world of opportunities for EB machine applications. The process is the calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer, or other granular additive directly into the blow stream of soils, compost, or mulches and is an option on EB machines. This system plants the seed upon application, better protecting it from the elements and speeding germination.  This is called Terraseeding® and only EB units equipped with the Supplemental Injection System can perform the Terraseeding service. And it all happens in a single easy step.

  • A typical lawn can usually be installed in less than two hours!
  • Add grass or wildflower seed to an erosion control blanket or sediment control berm or filter sock for permanent vegetative support.
  • Tired, unhealthy turf can be topdressed with compost and seed, adding new life and creating a healthier growing environment.
  • Use to install green roof turf or wildflower gardens.

No wheelbarrows breaking your workers’ backs. No wheelbarrows damaging landscapes. With only one operator, an Express Blower equipped with the optional Supplemental Injection System can apply soil mix, fertilizer, and grass seed in one easy application to produce beautiful and professional results.

No longer haul and wheelbarrow soil, level and rake, seed by hand, fertilize and topdress over the seed. In a fraction of the time it takes to install turf the old-fashioned way, an EB can accomplish the same task with more consistent results.

Exclusive Express Blower Seed Injection System

*Actual configurations may vary by model, especially for the special application TR-HD. Due to the length of the EB-110 trailer, it is equipped with a flap floor. Please ask one of our sales professionals to outline these differences. Further, the Express Mulcher is an entirely different machine than the Express Blower models. Click here for Express Mulcher details.