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EB vs. TM Models Integrated (EB) vs. Self-Contained (TM) Express Blower Models Our integrated (or

EB EquipmentModel Classes

EB vs. TM Models

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Integrated (EB) vs. Self-Contained (TM) Express Blower Models

Our integrated (or joined together) chassis and box combination is indicated in our model designations by the letters EB, while our self-contained units have the letter TM in the model designations. Thus, a model EB-60 is an integrated unit and a TM-45 is a self-contained unit. Both styles are built using the same manufacturing processes and high quality components.


The integrated unit is the original Express Blower and is powered by transmission mounted PTO’s. Today, we manufacture the EB-45, EB-60, and EB-110 models using this configuration. These are highly productive and versatile units that offer superior maneuverability.


The self-contained or TM unit operates off its own diesel engine and can be trailer mounted or truck mounted.  We currently manufacture the TM-45 and TM-70 models. The nature of this model style lets us offer these in different power packages, giving our customers even more choices in order to meet their businesses’ specific needs and goals.

Since a chassis or tractor isn’t essential to its actual operation, the TM unit is also ideal for shipping overseas, allowing customers to source their own chassis’ to meet their country’s specifications.


The TR-HD is a compact, high-powered machine designed to be used with continuous onsite loading of heavy soils or aggregate materials.  Click here for details.

We know that one size does not fit all. When including the available power packages, Express Blower offers 8 distinct models, plus 2 additional models with the Express Mulcher.

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