Safety Features

Product Improvements & Safety Features

With any piece of equipment, new or used, safety is the most important part of its operation. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the machine operator to fully understand the safe and proper operation of the Express Mulcher. However, we recognized that there were numerous areas where we could incorporate safety and product improvement features throughout this new machine as shown below.

  • (Safety) – Rear door includes a redundant locking cylinder system to prevent unintentional or unexpected door closing.
  • (Safety) – Rear door now includes a position sensor, which will prevent accidental door damage as well as unsafe operating conditions (i.e. mulching operation with the door open).
  • (Safety) – Control system now has “Bulk Unload” function that allows the truck to safely unload material (auger, feeder, blower functions are locked out).
  • (Safety) – Cradle is guarded for noise and operator burn/entanglement reduction.
  • (Safety) – Load camera in the box with 2 monitor locations (In-cab monitor plus main control panel) prevents need for users to personally inspect box contents.
  • (Safety/Product Imp.) – Auger has been improved to provide substantially more room for feeder and maintenance access.
  • (Safety/Product Imp.) – As tested, truck’s average noise level was 74 decibels.
  • (Safety) – Updated controls leverage new door position sensor, new bi-directional feeder pressure sensor, new blower pressure sensor, new hydraulic oil temperature/level sensors to keep truck in safe operating conditions. If not operating within designated safe parameters, mulcher will shut down.
  • (Product Imp) – New anti-plug logic in control system minimizes hose plugs.
  • (Product Imp) – Improved [auger] anti-jam logic in control system minimizes excess wear on floor/auger components.
  • (Safety) – 3 E-stops have been included around the truck; 1 on each side (driver’s side/passenger’s side) near cradle, 1 on radio (when radio is active/linked).
  • (Safety/Product Imp.) – Optional Creep Drive System has new smarts and new hydraulic pressure sensors to prevent operators from overloading the creep drive’s mechanical limits.

Remember that YOU are the key to safety. Good safety practices protect not only you but also the people working with and around you.

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