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Photo Courtesy of Greener Turf Management
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Going Vertical with an Express Blower Truck for Green Roof


With the rising popularity of green roofs, Express Blower saw an opening to create more demand for its equipment and increase business opportunities for its customers by developing machines with the ability to blow materials “sky high.” While all EB machine models can go vertical for green roof installations, certain models have blown rooftop soil mixes more than 30 stories high, eliminating the need for cranes, wheelbarrows, and manlifts, while decreasing the amount of labor needed for installation.

A Green Machine

Due to their environmental and economical benefits, green roofs have grown in acceptance and may even be mandated in certain locations. Now offer a service that few companies can with green roof material installations. The challenge of installing the drainage rock and growing media has been met with the technology of Express Blower equipment.

From rooftop soil mixes to compost to bark/mulches to aggregates, Express Blower can help you reach your green roof goals. With Express Blower equipment:

  • Blow materials up to 30 stories or more depending upon EB unit, product, and project conditions.
  • Eliminate unnecessary equipment such as cranes, manlifts, wheelbarrows, and associated labor to install.
  • Quicker installation with less labor required as compared to traditional rooftop methods.
  • There are fewer obstructions to public walkways and roadways.
  • Can use Terraseeding for green roof turf and wildflowers.

Be on the growing edge of the Green Roof market with Express Blower machines.


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