Mud Control & Animal Bedding

Mud Control Around New Home Foundation with an Express Blower Truck
Animal Bedding Installation with an EB
Mud Control around New Construction

Construction Mud Control

The ultimate in mud control is the ability to blow mulch or sawdust around the foundations and pathways at new construction sites. Workers stay drier and work more efficiently without tracking mud into the work area.

Animal Bedding

Sawdust and shavings are blown into animal and poultry barns quickly and conveniently with little disruption. Easily keep animal areas clean and dry through a regular schedule of blown-in bedding, shavings, or chips.

Keep dog kennels, arenas, paddocks, stables, barns, and other animal holding areas clean and dry!

Express Blower: Your Mud Control Solution

Playground Safety Surfaces

Certified wood mulches, rubber mulches, playground sand

black rubber mulch