Playground Safety Surfaces

Playground Chip Installation
Playground Chips Blown In with an Express Blower Truck

Fall Protection

Filling playground areas with certified safety surface chips, including crumb rubber, is child’s play for the Express Blower. These areas require special attention and minimal interruption, and the Express Blower can access areas where use of heavy equipment is prohibitive.

Repeat Business

Whether at parks or in schoolyards, playgrounds are usually required to maintain a certain depth of material for the safety of the children. However, as kids play, they compact and kick the material away from where it is needed. This means that the material needs refreshed on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to set up appointments or contracts to return at predetermined intervals to reapply material to a safe level.

Playgrounds are child's play for Express Blower machines.

Playground Safety Surfaces

Certified wood mulches, rubber mulches, playground sand

black rubber mulch