Ohio DOT Terraseeding Project

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Ohio DOT Terraseeding Project

Company: Air-O-Mulch

Location: Columbia Station, Ohio

Project Site: Interstate 280 near Toledo, Ohio

EB Models Used: EB-30’s (discontinued model) and EB-60’s

Project Scope/Challenges: Using an Ohio DOT specification, Air-O-Mulch had 5 weeks to Terraseed 18 acres near and around interstate lanes and ramps. Strategic zones had to be set up as no lane closures were allowed at any time. The seed mix was also specified by ODOT, and the Express Blower trucks were used to inject this mix into the compost which was applied in a 2-inch layer. Additionally, the compost supplier had a 220 mile roundtrip to bring in more product, so the compost was stockpiled onsite. Due to the unpredictable October weather conditions, the stockpiles had to be covered nightly. Within 8 days of Terraseeding® application, germination had begun.

Products Applied: Leaf & Green Waste Compost

Quantities/Distance: 18 acres of roadside application for a total of 4,000 yards of Terraseeded compost.

Company Profile: Air-O-Mulch is a division of Morton’s Landscape Development Company. They offer professional landscaping, lawn care, mulch and maintenance services commercial and residential properties. Their Mission Statement is, “Morton’s Landscape Development Company is a friendly team of trained individuals dedicated to its customers through superior communication and is focused on being the most respected company in the green industry.”

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Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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