Slope Stabilization Project

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Slope Stabilization Project

Company: Erscon Canada Inc.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Project Site: Wolf Willow Ridge in the North Saskatchewan River Valley

EB Models Used: EB-70 (Replaced by TM-70 model which allows for different power packages)

Project Scope/Challenges: The project included slope stabilization and revegetation on three slide areas directly behind a housing development. Access to two of the three slides was severely limited. The access road wasn’t passable, so the Express Blower truck had to be parked on the street in front of the homes with the blower hose running between homes in order to reach the slopes. Due to the extreme nature of the slides, netting was put down, then filter sock was incrementally staked across the slopes, and the blanket was applied over and between those to help aid in permanent slope stabilization. Project also included planting tree plugs over the slopes.

Products Applied: 3-inch EcoBlanket® and 8-inch & 12-inch Filtersoxx™.

Quantities/Distance: Project included 1800 yards of blanket, 2746 feet of 8” sock and 239 feet of 12” sock.

Company Profile: Erscon Canada Inc. is committed to promote sustainable erosion and sediment control practices by utilizing recycled organics as the building block for their products, principles, and services in order to create healthy soils and protect waterways.

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Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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