Mulch Madness Case Study

COMPANY: Mulch Madness

LOCATION: Sheridan, California

PROJECT SITE: Historic California Redwoods


PROJECT/CHALLENGES: The application area is very environmentally sensitive as it is in the historic California Redwood National Park. The project challenges included a 250 mile drive to the site, plus the hiring of a subcontractor to regrind the indigenous slide and duff material.

PRODUCTS APPLIED: Erosion control blanket with Terraseeding™ using indigenous mulch that had been processed from the slide area.

QUANTITIES/DISTANCE: 275 yards of material were blown at distances over 300 yards.

COMPANY PROFILE: Serving the Central Valley & Northern California, MulchMadness, Inc. has been a leading provider of pneumatically applied mulches, playground wood chips and soil amendments.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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