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**Scroll Lower for Client Videos 2020 Residential Bark Blowing Video using an EB-60 (You Tube

Video Links
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2020 Residential Bark Blowing Video using an EB-60 (You Tube link):



2016 EB Summit Demo Video

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EB Client Video Clips

Express Blower has many clients who actively use social media to promote their businesses, and they will occasionally post short videos to showcase projects. Below are videos that we’ve come across and are easily shared. Our clients have graciously allowed us to link from this page.


Erosion Control Blankets by Landsource Organix:

Rooftop Soil Installation by MulchXpress:

Soil Installation from a Barge by Denbow:

Mulching Made Easy at the Beach by First Coast Mulch:

Ecoblanket Applied to Road Upgrade Groundworks Aust Ltd:

Mulching at Tamarama by The Hills Bark Blower:

Bradner Slope EcoBlanket by Denbow:

Animal Bedding for Horse Stables by MulchXpress:


Blowing aggregate 60m (nearly 200 ft) from roadway:

Soil placement in Australia:

Mulch placement in Australia:

Rock blown under house built in 1853:

Roadside erosion control blanket:

Blowing soil into an upper story podium:

Playground Safety Surface Installation:

**Special thanks to our Express Blower clients who graciously let us use their videos and photos throughout our website. We provide the equipment, but they do the hard work. Their support is invaluable.

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