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Each Express Blower unit is manufactured to the highest quality standards, using only the most reliable and durable components. We continue to develop and refine our processes and equipment in order to meet the marketplaces’ ever-changing needs. This approach of continually improving our product has led us to manufacture units that can place organic materials more than 30 stories high for green roof applications.

For quality used equipment, visit our authorized reseller’s website where operator safety training and technical and parts assistance are included with your purchase of an Express Blower unit.

About Express Blower, Inc.

Express Blower, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic blowing equipment. Invented more than 60 years ago and refined through practical experience and innovation, Express Blower® owners provide material delivery and installation to the erosion control, green roof, construction, landscape and agricultural industries.

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Express Blower equipment makes it easier for you to expand your business and capitalize on high profit specialty applications like erosion control blankets and berms, rooftop garden installations, Terraseeding, aggregate placement, and playground safety surface installation.

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The Express Blower Opportunity

Some of our customers view Express Blower as their opportunity to increase productivity and profitability and expand their current business. Others are pure entrepreneurs who see the rapid growth in the erosion control and green roof industries as an opportunity to capitalize with this unique service. Whichever category you fit into, Express Blower, Inc. has the solution to help you be successful and profitable.

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