Landscape Bark & Mulches


Professional appearance with less material

Blown-on application uses less material than spreading by hand, increasing bottom line profit. Hardwood, softwood, and colored wood mulch have never been applied more effortlessly, leaving a smooth, even appearance. With the remote control, the volume of output can be easily adjusted to a minimum flow for spreading around delicate flowers or turned up higher for more wide open areas.

Use workers on more profitable jobs!

An Express Blower increases the time available for workers to do more profitable projects rather than concentrating on the labor intensive, lower profit job of landscape mulching. Now, one or two workers can blow on mulches, especially for residential applications, and your remaining workers can be doing projects such as landscape construction or irrigation that can make you more money.


The [Express] mulch blower allows a two-man crew to install an average of 70 cubic yards or more of mulch per day in residential applications…. Damage to plant material was an initial concern due to the high flow of mulch, but this proved to be an unwarranted concern due to the sensitive application abilities.

Express Blower equipment is capable of spreading a wider range of products for a wider variety of applications than any others on the market today.


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