“WE ARE SELLING A BUSINESS; NOT JUST A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.” – Arlen Rexius, founder of Express Blower trucks

What Arlen Rexius said in 1994 is still true today. Although EB has come a long way since 1994, his realization of the importance of what we’re selling continues on as part of the EB culture. Because the purchase of EB equipment can truly be a business opportunity and not just another tool in the shed, the potential for profit is key.

Some of our customers view Express Blower as their opportunity to increase productivity and profitability and expand their current business. Others are pure entrepreneurs who see the rapid growth in the erosion control and green roof industries as an opportunity to capitalize with this unique service. Whichever category you fit into, Express Blower, Inc. has the solution to help you be successful and profitable.

The vision from more than 70 years ago to create a blower machine that would efficiently blow wood chips for heating fuel resulted in our company, Express Blower, Inc. We are the industry leader, and have the only blower equipment designed and built to efficiently apply the widest range of materials and at the greatest distances.


  • The reduction in the number of workers required for labor intensive, low profit jobs such as mulching can leave the rest of the crew available to do more profitable work, such as irrigation and landscape construction projects.
  • Because of the speed of job completion with an EB machine, there is a natural increase in the number of jobs that can be done in a day, while often charging a premium price for this specialized service.
  • An Express Blower helps take the seasonal nature out of many businesses’ workflow. While spring may be the busy season for landscape mulching, erosion control projects tend to pick up in late summer and fall with work sometimes continuing throughout winter. Then there is year-round green roof material installation, playground safety surface “refreshing” before and throughout the school year, and mud control during the rainy season.
  • Increase customers’ satisfaction and increase your opportunity for repeat business by delivering a consistent, professional, and efficient service.
  • Our weight conscious designs allow for superior payload for most jobs.
blowerman graph 1

Applies 20-70 cubic yards per hour*

blowerman graph 2

Applies 8 cubic yards per hour

Actual carrying capacity is variable and depends on cubic yard weight of materials; truck/trailer axle configurations; and Federal, State, Local truck/trailer weight limit regulations and laws. Owners and operators are responsible for loading and operating vehicle in compliance with Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations. Express Blower machines are designed for maximum performance and output. Performance may vary depending on type and quality of material used, operator proficiency, and job site requirements and specifications.

The Express Blower Advantage:

  • Over 70 years of blower truck manufacturing and operational experience.
  • The Express Blower trucks are capable of spreading a wider range of products for a wider variety of applications than any other blower trucks on the market today.
  • Factory direct sales mean you work directly with the people who know blower trucks and the business best.
  • Dedicated & knowledgeable parts and service staff available to help you maintain productivity.
  • Extensive parts inventory for rapid delivery.
  • Comprehensive and personalized operator and preventive maintenance training.
  • Trademarked Terraseeding process using our patented supplemental injection system.
  • Biannual Express Blower owners meeting dedicated to helping you improve and expand your business.
  • Online EB owners’ blog/resource center.
  • Emergency technical assistance.
  • Access to the nationally recognized EcoBerm® and EcoBlanket® program.
  • Service referral website mulchblowing.com.
Express Blower Owners' Demonstration