River Valley Organics Case Study

COMPANY: River Valley Organics

LOCATION: Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

PROJECT SITE: Manhattan, New York City


PROJECT/CHALLENGES: Place soil mix up on both residential and commercial buildings for rooftop garden terraces while minimizing disturbances to traffic and driving large equipment into and out of NYC without incident. Consideration for safety of pedestrians and tourists a large concern.

PRODUCTS/QUANTITIES/SCOPE: 40 ton soil mix up 100 ft. and more. Soil mix weighed 1450 lb. per cubic yard. Three man operation with one Express Blower™ truck and one pickup to help route traffic while truck was parking.

COMPANY PROFILE: River Valley Organics is a division of River Valley Landscapes, a specialty landscape design build firm. River Valley Organics is a bulk material and installation service supplier for a variety of different products lines which include organic erosion control and Filtrexx services, landscape mulches, playground mulches and woodcarpet, pneumatic rock blowing applications, and green roof media’s.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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