Erosion Control Through Protected Wildlife Area

Erosion Control Through Protected Wildlife Area

Company: Top Spray®, a division of Spray Lakes Sawmills

Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Project Site: Canmore/Banff Corridor, Alberta, Canada

EB Models Used: EB-60

Project Scope/Challenges: Erosion control on drainage ditch slope through a protected wildlife area with limited vehicle access.

Products Applied:

  • Installation of EcoBlanket® on sloped areas and drainage ditch for Slope Stabilization
  • Installation of FilterSoxx® on Extreme Slope
  • 120,000sq.ft of EcoBlanket®
  • 2,300ft of Filtersoxxä
  • 2,000lbs of Microblend®
  • 120 Pine Seedlings (grown for specific elevation and area)
  • Approx 1200cu.yds of Compost
  • 400lbs of Seed

Company Profile: Family owned and operated since 1943, and one of the largest independently owned sawmills in Alberta (115million board ft/yr). They bought their first Express Blower in 1996 and now own four units.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our clients with innovative, quality equipment plus exceptional customer service to support their erosion control, landscape, green roof, and other environmental services endeavors.

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